Photography by Lynn Webb
The Great Western Woodlands | The Great Australian Bight | and Far, Far Beyond...

About Lynn Webb

If you have visited our site previously thanks for coming back.

About Lynn Webb?.......... I've always had a passion for the bush. I grew up in the bush around Whyalla in South Australia. A trusty dog, a bicycle complete with a burning curiousity after the next bend of a dusty track.

We moved to the Western Australian goldfields in the late seventies and the bicycle has been upgraded to a Landrover, off road bike and a quad bike. We now live and work from home Norseman. Landscape central for me, living on location where it it so convenient to jump on transport and very quickly visit a site that I've been waiting on for ideal conditions. No fences or pastoralists to upset, that rarest of commodities - freedom. A few different dogs have also come and gone over the years but the same curiosity exists.

There is always an interesting subject, maybe even the chance of a good photo...
...just around the next bend, just over the next dune.

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